Only the Stones Live Forever

Published in Twisted Ink Webzine ~ Spring 2010

Only the stones live forever
In this country of stones
Time etches tiny streaks of age
No death
Just endless age
If I lived as long as the mountains
Would I be like the Bad Luck Cliffs hanging over Disappointment Creek
Would I be giving like the resolute boulders that freckle Kill Hill
In this land mountains look down upon those that traverse them
Disdain tainting silent sneers of rocks & dirt & trees
Ur lifetime a blink in their eon memories
They are not without a voice these mountains
They show rage in wild storms that shred themselves upon iron cliffs
They share beauty with fields of Balsam Root & Bear Grass
Their warm laughter turns a person’s skin into blistered red
They exact sadistic revenge in brutal winters
Ice coating everything like a second hide
These mountains are people & ghosts whispering on the wind
The guardians of a life long since faded into dust that I will someday join Because only the stones live forever.

© Kaitlin Ens

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