Published in Twisted Ink Webzine ~ Spring 2010

Hold the lime in two fingers
Squeeze it into the neck
Watch it plop in gold liquid
White bubbles rise in protest at being disturbed
Listen to the man grin & tell you that’s how it’s done
Hang from another’s waste
Rub in the fact
She’s losing on the board
To an amateur & a drunk
Discuss the newest lace purchases
The most recent conquests
The most horrible ones
Watch the only man with you grin
Lean against the wall
Happy with the fact
He is outnumbered
Do a victory skip
Nearly crash because someone spilled their beer
Where ur foot landed
Cry with laughter when one leans into the vending machine
The vending machine is farther away
Than she thought
Suddenly she is gone below the edge of the table
Like Alice down the rabbit hole
Bum money from another for a cold bottle of entertainment
Don’t bother to watch the clock
Doesn’t matter here.

© Kailin Ens

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