Baby Steps

On my window, snow sticks in uneven little patches. I would reach out and feel the cold panes of glass, but winter weatherproofing plastic separates my hand and the pane by a good five inches.

I have things to do today, a lot of them, but my brain doesn’t want to wrap around any of them. I’d rather sit here and ramble on. Avoidance has always been one of my coping mechanisms, although since becoming a teacher and an editor, i rarely let myself use it except for on the weekends. Like today.

There is something about winter weather that makes my brain go into relaxed mode where the only thing that can satisfy me is a good book, a cup of hot chocolate, or better yet Irish Coffee, and a total disregard for the list I always seem to have these days.

So, today I have compromised. Instead of an Irish coffee, I have tea and honey, it is after all only 9 am and a bit early for Jameson, even on a snowy day. Instead of a book or movie I am sitting in front of my computer, writing. Granted it is not writing on my thesis or transcribing audio recordings for my thesis. But hey, baby steps right?

2012-10-25 13.50.31
After the Storm



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