Somewhere in the Middle

I love food, I always have and, short of some catastrophic event, I always will. The pastry displays in coffee shops call to me in a sultry sugar soaked voice. Pasta and pizza are ever present in my rebellious list of food cravings that pop out every hour or so. And don’t get me started on Thai food and Mexican food because then I’d have to go take a break, have a fourth lunch like Bilbo Baggins, and then come back and finish this. I watch movies and get sucked in by the food, forget the actors and their nonsense. Eat, Pray, Love nearly killed me off. So did Julia and Julia. I was starving by the time both were done. The Hobbit’s pantry made me want to build a hobbit hole and have my own overstocked pantry full of delectable tasty good things. I’m not going to lie, I even get hungry when I watch the Harry Potter series. I mean seriously, who doesn’t get hungry when they have those huge banquets?

It’s a good thing I’m also an endorphin junkie. I am one of those weird people who actually enjoys sweating grotesquely at the gym. I am not one of those girls who can leave the gym and go meet people for drinks or go back to work. No, I’m one of those girls who leaves the gym red-faced with her hair dripping sweat and still out of breath from the last round of cardio I tortured myself with.

My love working of out is my only saving grace in the morning when I put on a pair of jeans and they somehow still fit after I devoured a grilled portabella and Brie sandwich at Jeffrey’s Bistro the night before.

Anybody who works with me or is around me at all also knows I love free food. If you want me to go to an event, mention that there is free food. I’m there. At the University of Wyoming, there is free food everywhere. I manage to find free food on campus at least three times a week, without putting all that much effort into it. It’s gotten to the point that if someone goes to an event that has food and there are extras, they grab food for me.

Believe it or not, I actually do have enough money to buy food, albeit from Wal-Mart, but food nonetheless. I make quite a lot of food at home too. For example, on Sunday I made crock-pot lasagna and crock-pot curry chicken quinoa. Both of which are absolutely delicious. Did that stop me from eating free pizza all week? Absolutely not, it just means that the food I made lasts longer.

I love food. I love to workout. Loving the two things makes my life easier because otherwise I’d either be a two hundred pound midget or a skinny bitch. I’m pretty happy with being somewhere in the middle of those two options.

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