The car somersaulted – its bumpers gauging pavement as it spun

The pain seared & she screamed in the rage of not being able to die & not being able to run

Under the ravage of a sad storm & stranded by rotating lights & uniforms they shocked the life back into her & a tear trickled through the blood

Dying would be so much easier

They told her it was okay & her raspy bloody laugh darkened by her pain & by fear & knowledge of the world that no child should have haunted them for years

They took her to the white walls & cataloged the gauges snapped bones & under the new wounds old scars lingered & questions began

Why didn’t you tell anyone

She listened to their twangy drawl & kept her eyes flat like she had learned to do years ago in the abysmal pain of where she had come from – those empty eyes like the eyes of a tormented & caged wild thing that has learned no reaction causes less pain haunted them as well

& they asked why didn’t you tell anyone

She stared at the blank walls past their honestly puzzled faces & calculated where she would be put this time because no one ever cared to ask why she had run in the first place

& they repeated why didn’t you tell anyone

She didn’t have to close her eyes to see the dark alleys rattling corpses locks & keys & chains & drugs – it rasped out of her lips in a whisper that yelled in the room

Who would care

The people of the town where she lay strapped to a bed had never heard such indescribable rage & sadness in a voice – they knew violence & they knew death but they had never seen this before – not in their little world where football was the king & the ranchers ran their cows through town – they had no understanding of how her life had worked

Not that it had been much of one.

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