That Moment

that moment
when you
are so mad
so pissed
so furious
that your options narrow down
into two choices
     punching someone until you are pulled off
     because they have become everyone who has ever
     damaged your soul
          or crying
          until the anger empties itself
          in the form of salt water on your cheeks

that moment
when karma
bitch slaps you in the face and you realize
just what a hag you
have been

that moment
when someone
who didn’t have to
went out of their way
to make you feel

that moment
when you must choose
to be you
or to fit in

that moment
when you realize
you are blessed
with friends
who don’t make you choose
to be you or to fit in
they know who you really are
with all of your imperfections
and cracks in a dirty mirror
for some wonderful reason
they still like you

that moment
when you hope to god
that was not the last thing you will ever say
to that person

that moment
when moving on
is so incredibly terrifying
that you cling
to the last chapter of your life
to what you know
to the devil you understand
rather than risk
the unknown

That moment
when you hold your breathe
because you have made a choice
and are unsure
of how it will play out

these are the moments that define us
shape us into who we are
and make us realize who that really is

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