Writing letters
To my grandmother
With Alzheimer’s
Is an odd thing

She doesn’t remember me
Doesn’t recall the letters after a week has gone by

Nor does she really understand
Who wrote them
Doesn’t know I’m 25 instead of 5
Red haired instead of blond
Graduated instead of in school
In Washington instead of MT or WY

She doesn’t remember
She can’t
Her mind doesn’t quite work anymore
Doesn’t recall recent years
Just long past ones

But I do know
She loves to open mail of her own
She enjoys reading words penned to her
Even carries the letters with her for a while
She doesn’t write me back to tell me this
But my Aunt passes it on

So I keep penning them
Even though Grandma doesn’t know me


I remember her
At least bits of her
And no one should be forgotten or ignored
Just because
They don’t remember

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