I thought about the relativity of being a good person
The realization that I don’t think I am
Hit me
Like Snowballs on a hot day
I wasn’t sorry
Until after
You died
Then it Was a fleeting notion
That brought no tears
To my face
I couldn’t work up enough
To apologize to
Ur headstone
Because I knew
The corpse
Under the fresh pile of dirt
That the stray dog
Nonchalantly shit upon
Was you
I wanted
To tear the flowers
From their stands
Heave Them away
From me
Because I love the flowers
You never brought me T
hat brief moment of sorry
Evaporated into
A sunny sky
That didn’t seem
To mourn ur passing
Any more than I did
When I walked
I never
Looked back
Because I hate that I
Loved you
The world won’t Let me hit redo
So that I can say I don’t
Instead of I do
I don’t think it matters
Whether I’m a good person
Because I’m better than
You were.

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