I love the moments
Of waking

Eyes opening
A minute before
The alarm blares
Across the predawn silence
And laying silently
In anticipation of the new day to
Officially begin

That moment of decision
When you slip from the warm cocoon
Of blankets and pillows and sleep
To place your feet on cold carpet
And you know
It’s to late to rollover and return
To slumber

Standing at the kitchen counter
Looking out the window
As you automatically spoon up
The oatmeal
You really don’t recall making
But you thank
Whatever prompted your sleep fogged brain
To throw in raisins

That first hit of morning coffee
Laced with creamer
How it
Shocks your system into
Aware functioning
Even though it’s decaf
And has been for years

That blast of cold air
As you swing the door open so
The dogs can rush madly out
Barking at the dark’s shadows
As they forage the yard for the perfect spot
You pad downstairs
Wincing at the winter chilled cement

That moment when your fire
Goes from a tiny flame of hope in the fireplace
To a roaring flame of hunger and greed
So you feed it a little more
And sit and watch the wild dance it does
For just a while
Before you close the door and head on into your day.

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