Across the Line

The time to beat for the first place
To satisfy the avid winning hunger.
Mind & body keyed but tranquil.
Together focusing their single spirit.
As one two hearts pounding together.
The bell suddenly sounding, piercing.
One breath, & one prayer they pass,
Streaking to be the winner of the group
Three barrels to speed around, in order
To succeed in being the division leader.
As one two minds forward speed; slide,
Skid, & flex, then turn, accelerate; slow,
Slide, & twist, streak to third, forget the
Slow &, slip around; head toward the line
Every breath held every eye watching
The two hurtle down the arena
Stretching, reaching, straining
Across the line
To tie with the former time

3rd Barrel & Then Home
3rd Barrel & Then Home

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