Every Memory

The label of a bottle
Pasted to a date
In time

Regurgitated pizza
Up three flights of
A talking corpse
Dead weight.

Peppermint Schnapps
To drink the bottle
Knew better
In my 70s shag bathroom
Smelled of mold & disintegration
Tasted bittersweet memories
For the second time.

Hot Damn
Havre & Cody
Complicated situations
Gave way to bloated rumors
Sly suggestions
Fuzzy ideas of
What might have happened.

Jack Daniels
The senorita
Went missing in action
Disappeared beneath a truck
In a daze
Woke up the next morning
A popped blood vessel
In her right

We made up
Because we needed to
Before we could move on.

Pendleton 2
The night my childhood friend’s mother & I
Got reservation drunk
Played Speed in the cook tent
With lanterns swinging
From the ridgepole
Later we
Stole two doors
From someone else’s cabin
With a crowbar & curses.

Decided to get drunk
Because I could
I succeeded
In making out
In the street
To some unknown song
Puking by Johnson Saddlery
Remembering it all
The next day.

Needed silence
My mind wouldn’t
I love you
No one heard
I need you
No one answered
All the things
I said
To air
I didn’t remember
In the Morning.

Merlot 2
Carried the bottle
From room to room
In sweats
And a tank
To beaten to leave
My place of refuge
Not strong enough to
Put the bottle down
Made the connection
That the reason
I like wine
Is because
I love grapes
So much
I can’t throw just one away
Because it might be lonely
So I throw away
There’s safety in numbers.

Merlot 3
The night
I was jealous of another girl
So I drowned sorrows
Until they erupted
In tears
That friends had to deal with
A pep talk
Outside the Office
The last thing I remember
Before Thursday came
A bad dream
Of partial memories
Or worse
Complete memories.

Vodka – Peppermint Schnapps – Hot Damn – Jack Daniels – Pendleton – Merlot
A trouble
Every memory has a label
Every bottle is filled with dust
Floating in hope.

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