JOW: Evals

My skin hurt. Seared by the sun it protested every movement I made, so I tried to make as few as possible. I longed for the cooling sensation of water, aloe plant, anything but the continuing feel of frying flesh, my frying flesh. I ignored the look Sheal threw at me. I refused to turn my neck enough to look back not deeming it worth the protest my flesh certainly would give. I focused on the shuffle of sand and hooves, Rellik’s tapping fingers.
I sighed at the falcon’s scream. My temper rose when I saw the black robed men appear from the sand. Sure they had all limbs and flesh covered. But we didn’t have the money to cover my hide. I picked out the biggest one I could find, then decided on another. I would definitely need the garments from two to cover my bulk. Temper gone my determination settled inside. Cutting the clothing would be detrimental to my purpose, definitely go for the head.

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