Alarm blares
At dark’s death
Pulls u from blissful peace
To begin another day

Dogs rolls
Yawn and stretch and rise
To be let out then fed
Then back to bed
U envy them some days
Pull the day’s scrubs
From drawers
Heap them at the bed’s end
Then meander on

Turn on lights and glare
At weights
As u stretch
Sleep stiff muscles
Still too dark to run outside
So u set the bike to humming on its stand
Pump sets of 60 while u’re at it
All the other things
U’d rather
Be doing
Then meander on

The grumble of the coffee maker
Wakens ur sense of smell
And u contemplate drooling
But u restrain the urge
Cold feet on tile as u turn the shower
To full hot
Hoping it will scald some life into u
Step out in a cloud of steam
Then meander on

At the vanity
Dry ur hair so it doesn’t freeze outside
Lotion skin against the day’s bite
Don the heap of clothes
Waiting for a non-sweaty version
Of u
Then meander on

Stare into the fridge
Waiting for ur stomach to say
What it wants today
Sip ur coffee while packing
A work lunch and
Half a dozen snacks because u get
A little hangry without food
Then meander on

Give the dogs the “I’m sorry I’m leaving you” treat
As u kennel them for the day
They’ll sleep
Run outside to bark obnoxiously
And greet u with sincere joy when
U return home
For now u
Grab the important items
Trudge to the car
Then meander on

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