Time fades away until nothing remains
Chews at life until death replaces it
Sinister truths evade desperate minds
What are we is a better question
Than who are we.

A question of ur chances
Soiled by dirty
Lifeless answers
Misery in tatters & shreds attracts
No pity from above
Nothing from below
You are as far down as is possible
No doubt remains of ur molded heart’s desires
Just of reality.

To be happy
Long fleeting memories
Maybe to stay

What you have here
What you have there
Make a choice of what you want
Can’t have both no matter how much
You wish it
Close ur eyes & decide
Both are gone

Squish the mud between ur toes
Smile at the innocence of the act
Water urges you to enter the current
Too late you realize you can’t swim in its rage
Pulls you down
Blocks out air
Holds you in its iron grasp
You can never escape it.

Time corrodes ideals like rust on metal
Dark diamonds & lightning universes of abysmal nothing
Beckon “come”
Beg “stay”
Use a red bandana to staunch the blood flow
Crimson blood does not show so starkly on red fabric
As on white
Answer questions from the top
Or bottom
Never from the middle.

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