Wondering 2

I wonder if I should sell my horse now before I get attached and then move to somewhere else where it’s too expensive to have him and I am forced to sell him anyway

I wonder why my mother stays with a man she doesn’t love

I wonder how either of them who are great people individually can stand the shadows they become when around each other

I wonder if I should mail them the printed and bound compilation of poetry that I have written in the last two years so that they can know me as a I truly am

I wonder what their reaction to the poetry that their eyes have never touched would be

I wonder if he and I will ever figure things out because he is the one person in my life that has ever made my heart race and my legs go soft and that fascinates and terrifies me at the same time and I wonder if he feels the same way or if it’s just me

I wonder and I wonder but no answers come.

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