In the End

Free floating
Away from it all
Lies & blood gone bad on hands
Hotels & deadly powder
White mansions with sinister interiors
To be whatever & whomever
Something never experienced
The novelty awes
Until clouds darken & thunder starts
Realize it was another haunted dream of impossible things
Life will never be the fairytale
Seen too much
Done too much
Some things cannot be forgotten
Follow old habits
Old rituals
Black metal shows three white lines
Soul shrivels a little more on inhalation
Body shivers on its delighted ride
Downer highlights bitter truth
You can never escape ur past
White lines
Past becomes present
Continue down
Twisted path of dark woods
Shadowed faces
Don’t remember why or how
Ignore crazy laughter from somewhere
White lines from the dream
Were as real as the fact they are gone
Yet again
Night falls in the middle of day
Darkens pre-existing shadows
Never leaves

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