Imp & Devil

I’m desperately tired of waiting & I want to go somewhere & do something but I don’t know what or where & it irks me – & the imp inside says I can entertain you & I know she can my little imp that keeps my little devil company but that’s not the point – I want to be somewhere else & I’m not & the world slews a little to the left & I like it – I realize there’s something fun about pulling out a bag of pills & asking if anyone wants a few – & it’s refreshing to laugh at someone else’s pain & cheer their stupidity because it entertains you when the booze is gone & the world is asleep & the ghosts creak across the wooden floors of ur room – & I wonder when I will be able to go somewhere or anywhere but the clouds don’t answer & the little imp inside jumps & dances a jig & maybe I will let her entertain me – this time.

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