No squeal of tires
No Hollywood crash
Simply treacherous gravel
Sliding away sinister as a snake
Soft hiss of Firestones on rain dampened grass
Then the crunch of steel & tinkle of glass
Metal death trap hangs upside down between the trees
Life did it flash before his eyes
Death is not dramatic
Prisoner to the belt
Paralyzed by smashed bone
Watching his life’s blood
Pool on the ceiling
We say goodbye not to a friend
But to a corpse
A shell
The clown who defied authority
Broke his leg snowboarding the school fire escape
Died because he was trying to make curfew
Contradictions within a life gone
Death is not dramatic
Silent lips unsmiling & cracked by death
Tan skin empty of color bloodless
Hollow ache no anger no tears
You can’t fight this just live on
It teaches that every day is the day
Tomorrow may never come
It is inescapable
Lurking around the corner
Death is not dramatic
Death is just death.

One thought on “Death

  1. Sarah Magnolia April 15, 2014 / 8:57 PM

    The last two lines made me think. And maybe, after all, it’s the people that make death dramatic. Not death itself…

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