Lopa’s eerie eyes stare at me, trying to decipher my soul I guess. “Sheal, haven’t you ever been scared of the things that howl in the night?”

I smile, amused and a little drunk as well, “I am the thing that howls in the night.”

“Then have you ever been scared of yourself?”

The problem with whiskey is that it makes me an honest woman, and that’s a dangerous thing to be when you’re a mercenary, “Scared of myself? Since the day I was born.”

Lopa’s eyes have an unearthly shine to them, like something that is human but not altogether sane. They fascinate me a bit, but then the girl seer fascinates me as a whole. She smiles a little, a sad smile, “It’s a terrible thing I think, to be afraid of yourself, of your own mind.”

I shrug negligently, “There are worse things in the world to be scared of.”

I see her face tighten a little. “Name one Sheal, name one thing that scares you more than your mind.”

I watch her, the eerie girl hold that reads souls and wonder how deep she can see. There’s one thing I fear more than myself, but I’ll not be sharing that fear with anyone. So I grin instead and laugh it off, “A valid point Seer. But maybe I’ve yet to find something I fear more. It’s a wide world after all.”

“Perhaps that is the truth Sheal. I doubt it, but perhaps I’m wrong. I know what it is to be afraid of your own mind. Afraid of what it tells you to do, what it makes you see.”

“And what have you seen Seer?”

“You will bring the Elders to their knees and the Ohadi will scatter to the sands. And you will die.”

I laugh, “Good to know Seer, good to know.” I duck out of her little tent and into the night beyond. The wind is whisking sand from the dunes, the air hazes a little with the dust. I laugh again, death I can handle, after all we must all die sometime.

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