Cold Sweat

“It must be hard.”

I sigh with long suffering annoyance and wait for Lopa to finish. Only the gods have a clue what possessed me to allow her into our group, but now she’s with us till she dies. Some days I consider that option with longing. I eye her, waiting for the rest. She smiles and I grind my teeth.

“Loving one of your group.”

Points to Lopa cause I wasn’t expecting that statement. “Oh? Who do I love Seer?”

She maintains that small smile she usually wears when searching a soul. I want to slap it off of her face.

“You love him.” She nods toward Rellik who is sparring with Nessa.

I feel a trickle of cold sweat ooze down my spine. “I bed him, that doesn’t mean I love him.”

“It doesn’t mean you don’t. And as yet I’ve not seen you bed anyone else. When he’s hurt you tend him and the reverse is true. You calm or rile each other as you wish. With him you laugh, truly laugh. And,” she leans forward her eyes direct on mine, “you trust him absolutely.”

I smile as that trickle of sweat on my spine oozes a little farther down. That’s it, today’s the day, I’m killing her.

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