Gray Lines

Today I came to a realization about myself – while watching a show – in which the hero chooses to no longer kill his enemies – but to stop them by wounding and turning them over to the police – and as the series finale of season two came to a close – I caught myself bouncing on the bed – waving my hands in annoyance – and irritably muttering that only an idiot leaves the villain alive – if he’s alive – he’ll come back in the flesh – if he’s dead he may come back as a ghost – but that’s better than a formerly incarcerated lunatic out for your blood ’cause you – locked him away – just kill the bastard already – and after saying this I realized I will forever love the anti hero – the one who has let the darkness in – and is only saved from being a villain by a thin gray line – I will always take Wolverine over Scott – Iron Man over Captain America – Batman over Superman – I like the ones with the darkness inside – them I understand – I understand towing that thin gray line.

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