she tore the night apart in her rage
the shadows quivered at the darkness of her soul
he’d been her sanity
losing him
was something she couldn’t handle

she longed for the days before him
when she’d been heartless and free
nothing but a wanderer
a drop of water in a river
but it was to late for that
to late to rewind

for a moment
he’d driven the darkness back
she’d reveled in the peace within her soul
even though
she knew it’d never totally been gone
once you let in the darkness
it never truly goes away

he’d held it back
a dam against a raging river
now he was gone
and the world was be a bloodier place
for the killer she’d been
was nothing
next to the monster his death created

she became a creature of sorrow and grief and pain
where she walked
a wake of fear and death followed
her rage was hungrier
than a fire eating the forests alive

no hell could be worse than her heart
she carried her hell with her
burning inside her chest
inside her mind
until her madness became sanity

in the end
she laughed at the flames
they were nothing to what she’d done
in the end
she laughed at the devil
he was nothing compared to who she’d been

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