Needy eyes suck at my soul
Laughter flies red before a bull
A leech draining me dry
Nothing left in my veins but dust
Strangling niceties choke
Sinister sweetness poisons my flesh
Consuming drama invades my peace
Miles of friendship pointless
The pawn just killed the self appointed queen
Ideas & dreams were yours not mine
Now it’s all my fault
You’ll never trust again
Left you hanging
I fucked up ur life
Get the fuck over it
Not ur mother
Not ur friend
Just ur means to an end
This end just expended herself
Committed social suicide
Fuck it
Don’t want to reconcile
Would rather hold onto my anger
Use it
Twist it
Shape it
To suit me
Because I am not ready to be nice
They assume you are in the right
I am done with you
With them.

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