Do You Remember

Do you remember
The night
We were set upon each other

We hit to kill
Sliced to maim
The blood trickled down your face
My broken ribs moaned

And we kept on
Doing the job
That was each other

Do you remember that night
I do

It was the first time I loved you
Weaving on your feet
Hands at the ready
Waiting for the next round

I loved your fire
Your bloodlust
Your skill with a blade
You vicious instinct
The twist and punch of your body
The sheer heartlessness of your attacks

I loved the way those green eyes gleamed after a solid hit
And how they would flame after you took one

I loved you
With all the blood and sweat and bone in my body

I would have died for you
But you died for me instead
And I’ll never love another
With the same fire that I loved you

I feel you sometimes
In the dark under the stars
You will always be my Ghost in the night

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