her anger turned to tears
and the tears to a bone deep sorrow
a sorrow that cloaked her smile
in a misery i had once known

i woke her in the night
told her to go outside
look up at the dark
and tell me what she saw
black oblivion she said
and the misery crept back in

I said
what do you see
beyond the black
what do you see

she looked up into the night
for a long time
until the moon shined down
shined down on fresh tears

I see the stars she said
and smiled
for the first time in what felt like forever
thanks she said
for showing me the stars again

i shrugged
you’ve done the same for me

in a field of green
with the rain pouring down
you asked me what I saw
and asked again
until the double rainbow
shone through my own misery
and I couldn’t deny its existence

it’s what friends do
we heal each others’ wounds
until they are beautiful scars

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