i am

i am the only daughter of a complicated marriage – i get road rage and i can’t go to a fair without eating caramel corn and elephant ears – i suck at sports but i can ride and draw and write – the little things annoy me but i rarely let the huge temper I inherited from my father off it’s leash – i can be loud and obnoxious and crass or i can be quiet and reserved a little shy – i can dress like a ceo or country bum – i can drop it to the ground but i can’t swing – most of the time i think more like a man than a woman and the times when i turn into a crazy female invariably embarrasses me for days – i embellish and i hedge but i don’t lie – i forgive after i’m done holding a grudge but i never forget – i like having roots sunk down into the soil but i still have a need for far away places and a longing for people i have never met – i’m more comfortable with someone telling me i’m smart than i’m beautiful – i’m a slob with some things and anal retentive about others – who i was last year isn’t who i am now – i am more things than i can say and more things than i know – i’m the beautiful and tragic little bits of life thrown together – that is me

who are you…

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