Friday’s Child

They said the world would be empty without you in my mind they lied – I chose to no longer believe to no longer obey to no longer keep the chains on my manners – I didn’t feel hollow or empty I felt free to be me for the first time since I said I believe – why should I believe simply because I’m told that it is the way – no one has ever returned from death to prove you wrong that doesn’t make you right – if I want to worship someone I will make my own god of horseshit & straw & worship it everyday – if it does not grant me what I want I will set it on fire & make a new one – you say I am doomed to burn in hell for my blasphemy but I sleep better than you do at night – I do not fear anymore the devil & angel that rode my shoulders in an internal struggle are gone & the silence in my mind is the best heaven I could have ever asked for – you accept the idea of an organized belief because it gives you hope I believe in myself & that is all the hope I need – you walk through the world & say look at me I believe as you pay ur whore for another ride – ur hypocrisy knows no bounds you don’t even realize that the world controls you with ur noose of conviction & you will not until it is too late until they line you up & put a bullet in you head – all in the name of righteous belief – I think my forsaken path has more hope than urs.

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