Time shoots unerringly – flies away from my grasp – away into the night – earth rotates sun rises & sets – but nothing reverses – chaos doesn’t transform to order – my anger doesn’t become happiness – death is escapable for us all – when it comes 2 take you – just say no – it will listen it always does – if the gods are heathens what does that make us – eyes of distrust warn others away – join at ur own risk – I promise nothing – distrust changes – as footsteps fade away – changes to longing – longing to break the habit – of sitting alone – living alone – distrust changes but it does not leave – barriers of the soul remain – guarding against attack but aching for someone – anyone to tear them down because I cannot – collection of pieces – unorganized patterns of chaos – I wander – listless – no direction – ramblings of a mind long since lost – lost to madness – to the currents of echoing time – the past does not foretell – questions with no answers – answers become shadows – uncertainty becomes certain – predictable terror of white eyes – can blind eyes express terror – I don’t know – I am not blind – but in truth I am – my own agenda blinds me to the world – like a racehorse careening down the track.

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