The Mountain Horse

Once in his youth he was handsome & proud
Fleet of foot at the head of the crowd
Till the day came to earn his keep
On the Frank’s mountains & gorges rough & steep

That first year he was packed
To see if he had what it took or if he lacked
The mountain horse’s grit & steady mind
That he would need if ever he was in a bind

It was an eye opener that season
His mama would have been ashamed at his spooking for no reason
The hornets & the bears, the snakes & the haunts
He left that year worn out & kind of gaunt

The second year he was in the guide string
To ensure he wouldn’t give a hunter a bump or a ding
He became a real good’un so away from dudes he stayed
He earned every grain pan he was paid

Age crept up on him like it does to all
So one day at a hitch rack late in the fall
A dude swung astride
A good mountain horse he carried him on a gentle ride

The seasons rolled away
He saw guides come & saw some stay
He got a little older & a little stiff & sore
He became a backup in case you needed just one more

The hollows above his eyes got a little deeper
The handsome hips turned to rafters getting steeper & steeper
Till he didn’t come in with the herd one autumn morn
They found him still as he was before he was born

Now years later his skull’s stuck in a tree
No it isn’t gruesome because you see
It is a respect paid to those who have earned their keep
On the Frank’s mountains & gorges rough & steep.

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