everything is a choice – take chances – do what scares you – trust your instincts – a song can bring back a thousand memories and rip open scars you thought were healed – if no one thinks you can it’s time to prove them wrong – if they did it once they’ll do it again – put up or shut up – when you make a decision stick with it – at one point in time everything you have done was exactly what you wanted – grow a fucking spine you will never regret it – life’s to short to chase after people who don’t want you enough to put in some effort – life isn’t fair the sooner you get over that the happier you will be – never trust an iPhone to spellcheck your message for you and for gods sake just spell the words out it doesn’t take that long – it’s okay to bawl it out but when you’re done wipe your face and move on – we’re all entitled to bad days but don’t overuse them – you define your beauty and your worth never let anyone else do it for you – life is happening now so get out there and live it – turn off the computer put down your phone go dancing with your friends be kissed under a streetlight hike a mountain – having a dirty mind is not regulated to guys only

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