Hard hat on
Earplugs in
Sassy pants on as usual
Wander down to your hole
Start the regular steps
Throw in some odd ones
Bust ass
Keep it fun
As music blares
The whole time
Goes quicker if you’re smilin’
Eat lunch and
Swap comments with
The C guys
Cause I’m so mellow
And innocent besides
Everyone laughs
When I say that
Can’t imagine why
Back to the get it done
Wrap it up and tie a bow
Switch from dust to clean
With a dirty hide
In the dry
Head downtown
Trudge your three miles
Head up the hill
Home sweet home
Walk the mutts and pacify
Their stomachs
Then your own
8pm schedule change
For 5am tomorrow
Alters plans
To make salads
Instead grab a
Frozen dinner
For lunch
Stop the movie
And head to the shower
Get in get out
Rinse the ore dust off
Finish the Reds
Crawl in between
Cool sheets
Lose yourself
For 6 hrs
Until you wake
5 minutes before
Your alarm screeches
To get up
Stumble downstairs
Let bladders full dogs out
Stoke the coals
Till flames lick new wood
Feed the mutts
Feed yourself
Sweats to dust laden Carharts
Warm the diesel
Throw the ball
Give some loves
To fur children
Throw sustenance
In a pack and
Out the door you go
Coffee in hand
24 hours round

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