Truth or Dare

I look up as Nolan walks in and comes to a sudden halt. I can’t say I blame him. Bad Willie has nothing on but a sock, Jake is passed out on the table drooling on his hand of cards, Jericho is laying on the floor mumbling the lyrics to Gypsies Tramps and Thieves, and I’m in underwear. “The fuck is goin’ on this time?”

I laugh and down another whiskey shot as Bad Willie does the same. “It started out as strip poker. Then we were havin’ a hard time seein’ the cards so we switched to Truth or Dare and added in who can drink the most whiskey.” I grin sloppily, “I’m winning.”

Nolan scrubs a hand across his forehead and sighs.

Bad Willie looks at his boss blearily, “The bitch drinks whiskey like a fish.” He focuses on me. “Truth?”

“God yeah, I couldn’t complete a dare if it was ta stand up and turn around.”

“Okay, truth. Last time you had sex,” he pauses, “consensual sex.”

I hear Nolan mutter “Oh Jesus Christ” and hold up a hand to ward him off. “It’s a valid clarification as there’s been a lot of non consensual sex in years past. Let’s see, roughly three years ago.” I laugh as Bad Willie’s eyes goggle.

“Three years! Goddamn how do you stand it?”

I take another shot and feel it burn down my throat. I laugh, “I’m good with my fingers.”

“Okay kids we’re done for the night.” Nolan gets a shoulder under Bad Willie’s arm and staggers towards the ratty couch with the man, to drop him face down on it.

I eye the three remaining whiskey shots and shrug before I down them one after the other. What’s three more shots after two bottles? I grin as Nolan makes it back to the table. “Wanna put me to bed darlin.'”

He slides a shoulder under an arm and pulls me upright. “Ciara ya may be the death of me yet.”

“Aw, but you’d enjoy it laddie. And you’d sing my praise to the stars.” I begin to belt out the first song that comes to me. Nolan winces as the chorus to Pour Some Sugar On Me echoes into the night.

Somehow, he manages to get me into my quarters. He lets me collapse onto my bunk. “For god’s sake Ciara, no more Truth or Dare, or strip poker, or whiskey.”

I burrow into my blankets, “Sure thing babe, no debaucheries. Got it.” And then the darkness of sleep takes me.

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