Good Ideas

I smile as I back him into the elevator corner and place a hand against the wall on either side of his head. He has me by a good five inches flatfooted, but heels narrow that to two inches difference. Perfect really. I keep my body a breath away from his as I nip his lip, hold it between my teeth and pull slightly. I feel the stubble of his five o’clock shadow and watch as his jade eyes darken to forest moss and with gold chunks. He keeps his hand flat against the wall behind him and I have to appreciate his restraint, especially considering I can see the erratic pulse pounding along his neck.

“Ciara, this is a bad idea.”

I slide my body against his, and then pull it away again. I smile as I slide my mouth along the column of his neck and nip there, tasting sweat, and feeling his heart pound. “I love bad ideas, in fact, I love them so much they always seem like a good idea.””

“God woman, you’re the devil.”

I laugh as his hands slide from the wall to around my neck and his mouth drops to mine. I revel in the glorious burn of my pulse and the hot flush along my skin as his mouth goes to work on mine. He is still backed against the elevator wall and I press my body against his, feeling the hard planes of muscle and bone. I like a hard body. “If you think I’m the devil now, wait ‘til I get you on your back.”

He laughs and then spins me against the wall, hard. I slide my hands down his back to grip his hips as he rocks against me, once, twice. I nip his ear with my teeth as he works his way along my shoulder. Over his shoulder I watch the floors go by on the elevator panel. At the 12th floor they ding open. Nolan backs me out, hands around my waist as we grope and burn our way down the hall. I punch in the key code to Nolan’s room and we stumble through the door in a tangle of arms and legs and tongues and desire. I slam the door and then am promptly slammed against it as Nolan presses his body into mine.

“God, sleeping with a team member is such a bad idea.”

I laugh, “I’ve had worse ideas.” He pulls his head back and raises an eyebrow in question. I boost myself up, legs vising around his waist as I fist my hands in his hair. “Now is not the time for stories.”

His laughter echoes down the hall as we bounce from one wall to another on our way to his suite. The dresser halfway down the hall is swept of decorations as he slides me onto it. I take advantage of the space between our bodies and go to work on his belt and zipper. His hands grab the bottom of my dress, not that it’s that far down anyway, and begin rolling it upwards.

“Noticed there was no zipper huh?” I laugh into his neck as he groans.

“I’ve wanted to peel you out of this for hours.” His hands stop as they reach my waist, “No underwear Magee?”

My laugh turns into a moan as his hand ignite fires on my skin, “It’s a great dress Slade, I didn’t want,” I moan again as his mouth covers a breast through the thin emerald fabric, “any pantylines.”

“I love a practical woman.” With one smooth move he strips me of the dress.

His tux is already on the floor somewhere behind us so I grab his shirt and skip undoing the buttons the traditional way. Buttons fly as I rip. I shove the shirt down his shoulders and my mouth follows. I arch my hips against his and use my heels to shove his pants downward. I arch my hips again and hear him groan.

“We’re not gonna make the bed.”

“S’alright, beds are overrated anyway.”

Hours later we are both sprawled across the bed we finally made it to. I feel the cool air on my sweat sheened skin and stretch slowly. I feel him roll and then sit up.

I turn my head sideways, “Well that was a rather enjoyable bad idea.” When I don’t get a response I rise to my elbows.

He looks at me as his hand runs across a bruise on my arm and then another on my shoulder, probably from the wall. “I don’t leave bruises on women.”

I can’t stop the laughter, “Nolan, I’ve been shot and stabbed and blown up and whipped and starved. A few bruises won’t break me.”

“Still, I don’t like it.”

I laugh again as I sit up and survey him, “You’ve a few bruises and scrapes of your own.” I trace a bite mark on his shoulder, and then run a hand down the scratches on his back. I lean in and lay my lips on the bite mark before rising and strolling out of the room. At the door I pause, “Nolan, I’ve never been a porcelain doll and you’ve never treated me like one. If you start now because I slept with you, I will kick your ass.”

I toss on a shirt and jeans from my bag and then I hear Nolan’s phone buzzing. I walk back to the bedroom in time to hear Nolan answer. “What do you want Jericho?”

I take a seat on the bed’s edge and then let myself fall back against the rumpled covers as Nolan talks. My shoulders test against his hips and my head against his stomach. The fan overhead circles slowly as Nolans breathes in and out in a slow steady rhythm. When the phone switches to speakerphone I open one eye slowly. Jericho’s country boy twang makes me grin. “So did you get a picture of the Ghost all dolled up?”

Nolan shakes his head, “Nope, got distracted and forgot.” His finger is running along the waistband of my jeans and my skin tingles.

“Well what the hell distracted you Nolan? For god’s sake we had a bet her and I. If you didn’t take the picture we can’t decide who won the bet!”

Nolan grins, “I don’t think she’ll mind losing this one.”

“Why the hell not?”

“She was equally distracted Jericho.”

“Well what the fuck was so goddamn important that you both forgot…” As his voice trails off with realization Nolan’s busy fingers slip the last button go my jeans open.

“What the hell did you two do that for?”

I take the phone from Nolan, “Because, it seemed like the thing to do at the time.” I ignore the cursing going on at the other end of the line as I end the call.

He grins, “Seems like a good idea.”

And then there is no talking at all.

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