She had molten eyes
With deep secrets and jagged scars
And a smile made for death
She'd survived hells we could only imagine
And she knew she could survive anything else

She burned with fire and rage
It was her against the world
And the world didn't realize
How terrified it should be

Her silence was a numbing thing
The violence contained within it
Could make your hair stand on end

She knew about bad dreams
About daylight nightmares where your skin crawls
The monsters had made her a beast
And she would always have untamed demons
She had twists and alleys and shadows under her skin
She was simple like quantum physics is simple
You either get it or you don't
There's no in between

We all respected her
In our brutal and bloody style
And we all feared her
Because she was a goddess of death and retribution
That's a dangerous thing to call friend

A dangerous thing to love

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