skewed focus

people focus on what they’ve been
taught to fear
people say the things
they’ve chosen not to think about
those everyday knee jerk reactions
ignorant to their own words’ meaning
oblivious to the slice they leave
like a paper cut being
soaked in salt water
it won’t kill you but God does it sting

people care more about
your flaws than they’ll ever
care about your heart and soul

i don’t have time for those people
i can’t let myself have time for them
i’ve too many demons of my own
to fight their insecurities for them
you can’t try to change those people
they’re happy in their ignorance

the truth is
i’m not a perfect person
i have flaws
fuck i’m riddled with flaws
but this is me and it’s enough
i have my own tribe of people
who respect me this way
who like me this way

i don’t need to be what other people want
and i’m not just what people assume me to be
the sum of my eccentric parts
is greater than what people believe

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