He looked at her
Like he understood
How her soul worked
And she didn’t know how
Because she didn’t know herself

He had memories of her
That she didn’t recall
Inside jokes that she wasn’t
An insider to anymore
And while she raced
With the same fearless zeal
That had always defined her
He couldn’t help but remember yesterday

And the truth was
He did know how her soul worked
He’d walked through the fires beside her
Even though he knew she didn’t remember
He still knew that her eyes held a wild peace
When her hands touched his face
Like standing in the eye of a tornado
Because she loved him
He’d asked her why once
She’d laughed that whiskey rough laugh
Because my demons don’t scare you

She didn’t know that anymore
Didn’t have those moments
Hidden behind her eyes
He loved her and he hid it with a desperate fervor
Because you can’t tell a stranger
That they love you
And you love them

What a horrible burden to carry
Hoping she’d learn it again
On her own so that it’d be real
And terrified that she’d never remember
Telling him that she’d love him
In every life they would ever live

One thought on “Amnesia

  1. grappledgrace May 6, 2016 / 8:47 PM

    Love this.

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