She never could
Erase the feeling
Of standing
In the drenching rain
Clothes stuck to
Shivering skin
Watching as
His tail lights
Over the horizon

And for years
She lived and laughed
Knowing that
Life could make you
Feel so much worse
And despite that
Or maybe because of it
She carved her own
Eccentric and unique
Niche in the world around her

Lifetimes later
She saw him again
Through smoke and laughter
The clink of tumblers
The splash of whiskey
And the chaos of
A New York
New Year’s Eve

Memories rushed
Across her skin
Behind her eyes
Stories replayed
And she felt
A fine shiver
Roll down her back
At what could have been
If he’d turned around
Those many miles ago
And she found
She was much happier
With what was
Than any could have been

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