A Denver Food Tour

The weekend before Thanksgiving I visited Denver to see friends. This is no surprise to those who know us, but it became a food tour through Denver. The deliciousness, the richness, the delectable…OMG the necessity of yoga pants. DiCicco’s, Snooze, and D Bar you’ve ruined me.

Italian will never be the same. I’m sorry Olive Garden but DiCicco’s is the god and you are Italian McDonalds. There’s just no comparison. Sad, but true. Thanks to my awesome aunt, my friends and I had a full on deluxe dinner and we enjoyed it from the very start. I love all things breaded. I also love the spicy things in life. And what sane person doesn’t adore pasta. So, whoever first cooked DiCicco’s Spicy Breaded Ravioli has my eternal gratitude. I’m embarrassed by how fast they disappeared. It was probably a little like wild animals, but my god they were amazing. And cheese sticks! A cheese stick is a cheese stick you say? No dear people, there are cheese sticks, and then there are DiCicco’s cheese sticks and there is a wide chasm in between. A Grand Canyon sized chasm. One friend got the DiCicco’s Gnocchi Pompeii. Again, I’m sorry Olive Garden. I love your Gnocchi, but it just isn’t in the same class. This was delectable. I ordered the Chicken Marsala. I’ve eaten Chicken Marsala before, who hasn’t. It’s kind of a signature Italian dish. But this was a different experience altogether. It was both light and rich and all the awesome in between. It was certainly a food highlight during my weekend and considering all the awesome food we ate, that’s saying something. And don’t forget the finale. The tiramisu, oh the tiramisu. I’ll admit it’s always been a so so desert for me, but that has changed. This tiramisu rocked my sweet tooth world.

Snooze, well what can a foodie say but thank you for existing. I love breakfast and it is sadly forgotten about by many establishments. I mean there’s Denny’s and IHop but really amazing fantastic awe inspiring breakfast food? A rarity my friends, a rarity. Snooze is a goddess among breakfast establishments. Firstly, there is the Benny Goodman: salmon, cream cheese, rye toast, cream cheese hollandaise with sun-dried tomatoes and caper relish… Ummm need I say more about the fantastical land of the Snooze hollandaise art? Secondly the ‘sweet utopia.’ Music to my ears ladies and gentlemen music to my ears. My parents can and do attest to my expensive sweet tooth. It’s a weakness, a weakness happily welcomed at Snooze. Pineapple Upside Down Pancakes, Drunken Punk’n Pancakes, Cinnamon Roll Pancakes and why choose one when you can have a sampler platter. And when they say sampler platter they don’t mean a silver dollar sized pancake, they mean a full on line of pancakes all oozing awesome. Not only do the have pancakes from heaven they have stuffed french toast. I repeat, stuffed french toast. Excuse me while I jump up and down in pure foodie joy. I’d like to say I was a connoisseur and tried multiple flavors during my visit, after all we went to Snooze several times. But no, I got hooked on the first day and never looked elsewhere. Their name says it all, ‘OMG! French Toast.’ Brioche, vanilla creme, mascarpone, salted caramel, fresh fruit. Sweet tooth coma for sure. We do not have a Snooze in my little corner of the world, and oh how sad this makes me.

Last, but certainly not least, the D Bar. A restaurant, with not only amazing dinner food, but a bar of…deserts. Ecstatic dance for joy right now, with absolutely no embarrassment. The Kobe Sliders I ordered were an art in and of themselves. American style wagyu paired with brioche and white cheddar, not just onions but ‘drunken onions,’ and garlic Parmesan fries. Heaven in three little sliders of awesomeness. I wasn’t able to finish them all, just too amazing to not savor every bite. But don’t worry, I savored the last lone slider the next morning.And who knew fries could be so fantastic, seriously?

To my shame I’ll admit, I was generally two thirds through the savoring/devouring process before I remembered to take a picture. At that point, well the plate was more war torn wreckage than cuisine art. But here are some captures of delectable Denver food that I did get.


There is
A simple comfort
In a dog’s welcome home

There is
A simple comfort
In their morning breath
As they wake you
So they can be let out
To bark at
Morning shadows

There is
A simple comfort
In the crazed look
A dog can get
When they have their
Favorite ratty ball
And you throw and throw
And it’s just as fun for them
The first time
As it is the 171st time

There is
A simple comfort
In a dog licking
The salt water from
Your face after
A bad day
And their smile promises
That they will
Make it better

There is
A simple comfort
In being loved by every
Ounce of their bodies
And you know
That no matter what
They will always
Love you that much

The Point

What’s the point
She asked
Everything I touch
Falls apart
Every step forward
Slides me miles backward
Everything I do
And no matter how hard I try I let people down
Or I’m not what they want
And I try
I try so hard to be what is needed but I’m only me and I do my best but it’s never enough
I’ll always be too loud and too lonely and too short and too fat and too independent and too sad and too broken

So tell me
She asked
What’s the point

And she sat there
Head in her hands
Underneath the shower spray
And cried until the water ran ice
And she had nothing left