Never Never Never

Emptiness consumes my soul with a ravenous appetite – the black void looms bigger & bigger yet I cannot run my feet are stuck to the world beneath me like a fly trapped in honey – rage melts my heart like crayon colors oozing seeping until the body is a shell for dust & hate to reside in – tell me when to smile tell me when to laugh it means nothing because it is nothing – fight & die like a soldier in a field of blood choking on fear – running from death with no triumph – kill yourself before death comes & you have won or was that fate’s plan all along – the intricacies of a world gone mad stumble through the midnight labyrinth hope to find the exit but you never do because the game is rigged – there has never been any hope but in the fictitious realms of our minds.


Worn tennis shoes blister skin with every mile
The road rolls on with no end in sight
Hide in the grass along the road
Shiver the night away in ur skin
Run & hide from the ravenous search
Hide from the blood starved packed
Hungry eyes & gleaming teeth
Way of the wanderer
Can of food over a sad fire
Life is on ur back
Happier than the world that looks down with a sneer of disdain.

Loose the Beast

The beast gets angry often – it gnaws through its chains & bars runs wild though my body – it boils up from some dark abyss until it erupts burning my soul or what is left of one – when it is done I am exhausted bloodied bruised and oddly pleased – unexplainable how veins of ice can change to veins of liquid fire in a moments notice – no longer do I listen to the voice that tells me to be peaceful to join the void of nothingness – I do not want peace I want war that rages into the night angry & seething – those I know don’t care about my numerous inanities – they have their own – I do not fear anymore – the devil & angel that rode my shoulders in an internal struggle are gone & the silence in my mind is the best heaven I could have ever asked for.


I am crazy because I want to dance on the sea & watch the world sink into the abyss – raise my hands & twirl beneath double suns while fish fins tickle my feet till my giggles become tears of laughter – the ones that sink & drown cry for help that I will not give because they never helped me just pushed me down – as the world slews out of control I laugh in terrifying glee.


The world spins sideways across a bed – lights out but for the stars in my mind – head hangs at the lip of the sloshing can I have visited so many times – sit up take a shot – I have already defiled myself why stop now – blood vessels strain with muscles & burst – the mark of my debauchery for days to come – hidden addiction explodes in my mouth – urge for nicotine & smoke – hold it in & release in a sensuous billow of wreathing smoke – I love this life of smoke & booze & sordid life.