oh don’t worry darlin
i forgave you
but do you really believe
i’m stupid enough to
trust you again
you see
i have this little rule
learn from my mistakes
and darlin
trusting you was
most assuredly
a mistake
and even if
you never do it again
i’ll never trust
that you won’t
so walk along darlin
cause the bridge is on fire
and you’re gonna get burned
you move your feet

morning child

i love
the silence
just before
a sunrise
when the world
still sleeps
the dew rests
pearlescent on slender blades

i love
the silence
just before
a sunrise
how you forget
all of your problems
and just breath
it’s as if
the silence
your fears and woes
gives you some peace
before you
hit the road running

i love
the silence
just before
a sunrise
how it whispers to
my soul
i think this is why
i have always been
a morning child


and i’m tired
of being asked
if i’ve fallen in love
like i’m
unless i can say

we who pride ourselves
on how far
we have come
how liberated we are
really little sheep
have you looked
at yourselves lately
at your sad insecurities
at your need to be like
everyone else

i don’t need
to fall in love
to be happy
you see
i made myself a promise
years ago
that every day
i would love myself


i am not an easy person – i am not a sit on the porch and talk about the day type of person – i am a fight it out till we get to the bottom of it person – i am not easily bent by another’s will – i am selfish and impatient and temperamental – i prefer the silence of a forest to the chaos of people – i do not trust easily – i make a person work to be let in and then i only give them a little just a taste and that’s all i can release – i am not an easy person – but i am me