I am sad
Such simple words
They don’t really touch on it
Not quite right
It’s this feeling
Inside my gut
This gnawing emptiness
A void – a lack of

I have plenty to live for
Plenty to smile about
Most days I do
And most days I mean that smile
But somedays
Like today
That gnawing pit grows

I want to go have
Mulled wine with friends
But they’re thousands of miles away
I want to sit in a bookstore
Drink coffee and write
But there are no bookstores here
I want to see new streets and faces
But they people here are all the same and the streets have never changed

It isn’t that something is wrong
Just that
Nothing particularly fits
Like a size too small shoe
With a rock inside
And you’re on mile one of a marathon

And today it’s piled up
I’m just ‘gray cloud and rainy day’ sad deep in my gut