people don’t come with road maps
all the twists and turns
peaks and valleys
must be learned
one at a time
and each person
has their own variations
wildly different
but eerily similar
you see
don’t come with directions
you must figure them out
like a puzzle piece
before you can fit one piece to another
and see the whole
hidden beneath


she died
with the sunset vividly scarlet on her face
silent and still
against the brutal cliffs at her back
it was a peaceful death
for a woman steeped
in blood and death and war
but I suppose
she’d earned that much
for a lifetime spent
in violent places amongst lethal men
those lethal men
sometimes comrades or friends or enemies
heard the song on the wind
they called it the passing of a legend
for she’d been a Ghost in the night
that terrified dark places and evil things
they mourned her absence
and missed her fire
but they envied her newfound peace
and they thought of her
with every sunset