She was born an old soul
A gypsy lover with stars in her eyes
A woods hippie with flowers in her hair and a smile on her face

She was born a warrior

With scars on her skin and war at her back
A lioness of death and struggle that parted armies with singing blades
She was born a healer
A gentle handed peace bringer
A fawn soft voice and an affinity for fixing the broken and the damaged
They were born
They lived and loved and laughed and died
And they never pretended to be what they weren’t
Never lied to their hearts and souls


i was lost the day i was born
the fates wept bitter tears
but for no point
some things cannot be undone
some people simply should never be
that was my whip and lash
i always knew i was lost
there was a void when i looked for my soul
so many tried to save me and none understood
there was never anything to save
i was the daughter of an angel and a demon
nothing could ever save me from that
it was simple really
i was born damned and i was born knowing it

live, die, repeat

we crossed blades with a sibilant hiss
i knew
in that first lover’s touch of edge on edge
he had the memories too
his hawk eyes stared
every movement we made
was a memory flooding back
of the same movement made before
time and time again

we hadn’t just met in some other life
we had met in every other life
as lovers
as opponents
as friends
as enemies
and in that first moment of seeing
of our eyes meeting
every second raged back
a thousand years of love and hate and despair and hope

what had we done
to earn such a fate
such a curse
for even as i loved him
the person i was in this life
would either kill him or be killed by him

we wept as we fought
we smiled as we died
and leagues away
we were born again
destined but unknowing