Idle Moments

Those early mornings
When dark lies heavy across morning
And the rush of life
Takes away the enjoyment
Of coffee steam and sleepy squirrels
By 7 am you’ve sweated and cleaned and watered and laundered
Somewhere along the way
You lost the joys of small things
Passions that once defined you have become
Ancient history
If you had idle moments you would wonder
How the hell that happened
But idle moments
Are ancient history too


Sad stories behind shadowed eyes – penny for your thoughts till the jagged edge of a short life makes em worth a dollar – death makes people listen just a little too late to hear your cries – taillights of a rambling love on a cold starry night – hand me down name bears a history of love & life & scars – to many times of asking are you gonna kiss me or not are gonna do this or what – fears in a sky filled by new moon risings.


Tilled dirt gave way – sliding treacherously away – revealing hard pack
My shin took out the sand filled barrel & tore jeans & flesh
I felt blood soaked jean pressed into the earth by 1,500lbs of flailing sliding horseflesh
We slid – leaving a furrow in the earth like a plane does when it crashes
I shook dirt from boots & limped to where he stood – reins askew & paint hide packed with dirt
They issued a re-run due to ground conditions
We rounded first – shifting gears in a smooth rhythm – a lean curving whip of horse & rider then second in a fluid twisting bend of perfect timing & space
We drifted around third & waved goodbye – stretching long & low over dirt & through our own dusty air
After it all
First came.


Like a silly ride in a theme park – round & round & over & over – little blue toy escaped the mad swirling without a pause – rear tire hooks into snow & white explodes against red metal – frozen dirt changes spinning to airborne madness – first roll brings in a rush of glass & snow & dirt ripped from its home as anything glass explodes into gravel sized crumbles – how pointless is a life light sticker on the windshield when you lose the windshield first of – impact launches & much boots & chains & toolbox shower everywhere – & we land upright across the median partially in opposite bound oncoming – at the hotel entrance I pulled my remaining valuables from amongst the wreckage & deposited in purchased trash bags – waved & said bye bye Lucille.


It started simply

Quick finger fuck in the alley – bruise on back from bricks he pressed me against – bruise on bottom of jaw where his hands held me – I didn’t complain

It started simply

Movie & popcorn & tangled sheets layer – ticklish points & wrestling on the floor – missing underwear that were washed & exchanged for the other’s

It started simply

Will it end that way.