She pushed through
Pushed on
And most of the time
She kept that smile
Firmly in place
But every now and then
It slipped
And people asked
Why she was sad
Why she was angry
She laughed it off each time
And sank a little deeper
The truth was
She was always a little sad and angry
And it didn’t take much looking to see it
But people don’t look


He loved her
The way she never could stand still
How she loved the sun and the moon
Equally and for such different reasons
The way her smile could flash
As fast as her temper would flare
How she loved the next horizon
And miles under tires
And all the reasons why
He loved her
Were why she left
In the dead of a downpour night

He never saw her again
And he never forgot her
How do you forget a hurricane
That once whispered your name